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So you finally found this blog. Not sure how (unless I told you) The blog is about my random life. My job, games, movies or anything that interest me. Feel free to comment or just enjoy the ride. To my work friends, these are just memories that I had during my time at the office. Once its in here its just another story in my mundane life.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Back from vacation

On Tuesday my wife say let’s go on vacation. So with minimal planning we manage to snag a nice 3 days 2 nights vacation at a Safari Park 3 hours drive from the city. The 300km drive was uneventful and boring. Once we arrived at 2:00pm on Tuesday we straight away went to the Wildlife park.

During January is usually off season for the hotel. The guest were less than 20 and most of the facility is operating on minimum capacity. While some must say that is boring to go to a hotel where there are no guest. I say that is like we rented the whole hotel to ourselves. We went to the safari tour and saw a lot of wild animals such as Lions, Tigers, Elephants. Most of them were alone and bored. Due to the heat or probably there is nothing much to do. At least the kids are having fun. We saw a couple of shows like the animal, bird, and wildlife show. At night we went to the Night Safari and saw a horrible rendition of the Indiana Jones show. Since there were no one, we were treated to touch the animals and get up close with the birds.

The next day we spend half a day playing archery, paintball, and ATV. I got to ride a horse and I tell you it’s not like Red Dead at all. It seems to be quite boring and my butt hurt. In the evening we went to the water parks. The kids played at the largest slide while and the wife played with my little one. My butt is still sore in landing from the slides.

Today we left at 10:30. And arrive at 2:00pm. My wife is on vacation withdrawal since she needs to work tomorrow and I am hurting the whole body. well at least this is part of the resolution of taking my family on a vacation this year. There is still 11 more months. A lot can happened.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Halo 3

Finish the fight

Game no: 316
Genre: FPS
Platform: Xbox One (Originally for Xbox 360)
Released Date: 2007 (Part of The Master Chief Collection)

Image result for halo 3

What is it about?
The last chapter in the Halo trilogy. It all ends here

What I liked?
The machine gun is back.
There are new weapons like the ax machine, hammer (something)
New vehicles such as the chopper and the hornet. Old vehicles now handle better than before
The story has a twist ending at the end.
Vast stages that require to go from one end to the next
Augmented items like the bubble shield, regenerator and flare.
The ending is a throwback to Halo 1

What I didn't liked?
There are still no waypoints. You do get lost here from time
The shotgun is even more nerfed than the second game
The short moments where cortana is talking to you in your helmet really bothers with the pacing
Ending is not that great but its a good setup for Halo 4

Status: Finish the game saw the ending

Fun Factor: One of the great FPS of all time. Worth a playthrough

Lumines Remastered

Blocks blocks and more falling blocks.

Game no: 315
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released Date: 2018 (Original PSP version 2004)

Image result for lumines remastered

What is it about?
The objective is to clear all 4 blocks until you can't clear no more.

What I liked?
Each theme gives you different blocks with different music. Some are slow while some are fast. They provide a different strategy for clearing the blocks
vs mode is quite fun.

What I didn't liked?
Circles patterns are so confusing. It can make you lose focus

Status: Cleared vs mode, 100 level blocks

Fun Factor: Is a good game to release your stress


This game is so extremely hard

Game no: 314
Genre: Racing
Platform: SNES
Release Date: 1990

 Image result for f-zero start screen

What is it about?
Hover racing in the future.

What I liked?
Fast paced action
4 choices of ships with a lot of robot ships around
15 different tracks each with bomb obstacles, jumps and shortcuts

What I didn't liked?
One mistake on you're dead. This game can be finish in less than 45 minutes. But the difficulty curve means you spend constantly dying
There are no point systems so as long you are in the top three. You are good.

Status: Finish all the 3 courses

Fun Factor: A great short racing that is a good for pick up and play

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Well that was unexpected

Today we went to my daughters friends house. I was in the dark since I thought it was just an innocent play date. It turns out my wife and her wife was trying to find out why the kids in the school  were in a ‘suicide pack’. They are hurting each other and laughing about it. So my daughters friend (B) is a confidant for her classmate who threatens to commit suicide. So in my opinion that this 12 year old girls is too young to handle stresses like this. It can drive you mad. In the meantime I was thankful that my daughter only cares about cartoons and wanting to play the switch. In a sense, me and my wife are actually good parents

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I learn swimming today

Well today I am finally learning how to swim. What did I discover? Swimming is hard. Apparently my back stroke is not prefect so I can’t move forward. That sucks. Need to continue to prefect my strokes.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


A very simple action movie

Image result for columbiana

What is it about?
A girl family gets killed and 5 years later she seeks revenge

The Good
The action scene are quite entertaining. The heroine is like a ninja
The backstory is close to 30 mins of the whole movie

The Bad
The end scene was a let down. There were not to big a firefight and the final boss death were underwhelming
The off parts with the boyfriend didn't do it for me.
No training montage which sucks

The Ugly
Doesn't it hurt walking around without wearing shoes?
The computer stuff is too far fetch but I get it due to the time restriction of the movie.

After Credits: No

Verdict: It's a good popcorn movie. Nothing much too it