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So you finally found this blog. Not sure how (unless I told you) The blog is about my random life. My job, games, movies or anything that interest me. Feel free to comment or just enjoy the ride. To my work friends, these are just memories that I had during my time at the office. Once its in here its just another story in my mundane life.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Toy Story 4

The end to my most beloved 3D animated movie

What is it about? 
It’s the next and final chapter of the Toy Story saga... if you haven’t watch all 3... what are you waiting for. 

The good
The gang is all here...
The story really comes to a close
There are a lot more comedic moments

The Bad
The story is not as great as the last movie... it gets slow in the beginning and ramps up in the middle
The rest of the gang didn’t shine that much in the movie.
I didn’t like the ending that much but it’s the most logical thing that could happen

The Ugly
I didn’t like the fork that much...

After credits: Yes

Verdict: You own it to yourself to watch the final instalment of this beloved franchise. I don’t think the voice actors can do a 5th movie. They are getting too old. 

Friday, July 12, 2019

How to get away with Murder Season 5

Nope... I didn’t commit any crimes... it’s just a show I’ve been watching that I am going to try to review without spoiling it

Seasons: 5
Episode count: 75
Each seasons is great... there is no bad seasons so far

What is it about?
Ok so I am 4 seasons behind but what I can say every season starts with a mystery and it’s will be revealed in the middle but with a twist... well in every episode it revolves around Analise Keating a hot shot lawyer and professor with his group of students and staff... 

Well this is an ensemble cast but I only know two out of nine 
Viola Davis who plays Analise Keating... I think they designed the role for her 
Liza Weil who plays Bonnie Winterbottom... you’ll know her from Gilmore Girls (if you watch that stuff)

What I liked? 
Each episodes is design on a case by case basis but the main story arc is woven in every episode. The way they structure it is that they will give the audience a small taste of the main story arc leaving us wanting more... it’s very exciting. Each of the students shows is unique and you can’t help to root for them...

Character development 
(nope... it’s all relates from season 1 until now)

Notable storylines
(Nope... everything is a spoiler and this show deserve to be spoiler free)

What did I didn’t like?
The character of Frank and Nate... I really don’t like the investigation part of the show... the legal drama and mystery it’s awesome but getting there something it’s hard

This is a show that needs to be view at least once... it’s an awesome show that minus the legal stuff... it’s a fun show with intrigue and mystery. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Stuff that happen in June

I’m 7 days late to report but while waiting in the line might as well I start. So the diet has been going well. I finally could wear my clothes from 2015 which was a treat 🤣🤣.  We get one week of cheat for our diet and when that happens I’ll be eating all my favourite foods. I miss food but not as much now, I think eating healthy is already becoming a lifestyle. Our kittens are doing fine, even with two of them has defects, they are healthy and active. The last days of fasting is upon us, I manage to go and get my favourite drink that is only available on this month... sugar cane 🤤. A day before Eid my step father in law got a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and they found out that his heart is 80% blocked and he requires a bypass. But due his age at 75, he is very reluctant on taking the procedure. That means my mom is law is hyper stressed is they have a ton of debt and her husband is the sole breadwinner. 5th June was Eid and we spend the time eating great food and going to visit our families and friends. I had a nice talking session with my best friend from aboard. That was fun... it’s great when you have someone who you just can talk too about random things. On the second day of Eid we went back to visit my wife’s grandmother. It was supposed to to be a 3 hour trip but since everyone has the same idea of going back on the same day. It ended up being at 6 hour drive 😅. During our time there, my kids saw some chickens and the eldest one baked a cake which I found hilarious since we were only there for 3 hours. We had a date night on the 7th and ate handmade pasta which so little but it was so awesome. My brother welcomed a new baby girl this month (it was supposed to be last week... (forgot to write about it). Loss some friends on Reddit and made some new friends which is always a mixed bag... since it’s sad to lose friends but it’s great to gain some.

The middle of the months is just spend on doing the same thing over and over again. Wake up at 0430 and prep breakfast and lunch for the family. Send the kids to school by 0730 and make sure the house is cleaned, laundry is done and lunch is made by 1200. My life is so fulfilling 🤣🤣... well I’m not complaining. Now the kids are required to carry their own weight so they are required to do chores around the house. I do notice that my youngest will hide everything under the bed... I think her theory is that if I don’t see it, it means it clean. 🤣🤣.  My kids love requesting for some grill cheese... and I love making them... I so wish I could eat some. My daughters best friend is leaving the country so she is quite sad... they did do a farewell party for her so that’s consider closure. On 16th June we went to an open house. It was my moms friend. They serve us something called Nasi Ambeng... it’s basically rice with a lot of fried stuff and serve on a tray that can be eaten by 3 people (Picture below...yum)

And at the end of the month I’ve met my long lost uncle after 25 years. He took care of me when my mom was going through a bad divorce. Last time he was taller than me and now I’m taller than him 🤣. Met my best friend on the 21st for a couple of hours... it’s seems like forever since I’ve seen him.  My wife students came to the house to want to play some games... that was fun. Spend time cleaning the room and I notice that I have a lot of handheld consoles. Every weekend we will always have invitations for open houses. I love eating... My mom started sharing my kid pictures... no idea why, she probably misses us. My best friend package finally arrive.. after 57 days 🤣. Some of the candy melted but the others survive... and it taste awesome. Had a 6 hour talking session with my best friend. My friend met the family and watched me cook... basically it’s just a typical day but with an audience. It was amazing. My daughter sold her painting and trying to raise money for an iPad Pro (more on that next month). We went to my wife family gathering on her Japanese side... that was cool. So that’s what’s going on in June... I thought it was a uneventful month... boy I was wrong 🤣🤣. See you next month.

Friday, July 5, 2019

I can’t never catch a break

I always pride myself as a normal guy. I don’t do anything way too crazy... I try to maintain a balanced lifestyle... I used to pay my taxes 🤣. But I’m overwhelmed with things coming from all directions. Why can’t I catch a break? Why can’t everything just aligned the way I want it to? My guess is that life is not that easy... and means if you get a break, you’ll become complacent. I’m glad I have this blog... the only thing that gives me a break from everything. I wish I could roll back time and fix the mistakes of the past so I won’t suffer that much in the future... but truthfully if I have a time machine I’ll probably go and buy some stock on Amazon. I think it’s better for me to be alone with my thoughts. Well that’s how I was raised I guess. Other happiness matter over mine. I’m surprised I am still hanging it together... 😔... happiness is a construct that changes everyday I guess. You can’t be 100% in a constant state of happiness... after all you’re only human... I do love my family and my friends... hopefully that won’t change

Spider-Man Far From Home

A very lighthearted movie with huge consequences

What is it about? 
5 years after the snap. The world is handling the lost of Tony Stark and Peter is dealing with how to be the man Tony wants him to be.

The good
The story is simple and yet very satisfying
The Spider suits in this movie is great
Mysterio is an awesome villain. He always gets a bad rap but I’m glad they made him into a formidable foe
Happy returns to replace Tony Stark as a father figure
Nick fury was also great in this movie

The Bad
Aunt May wasn’t used enough
The school trip wasn’t showcase enough
Interaction between Mj and Peter was also not enough
Maria hill only had one scene to shine

The Ugly
The teachers and the side story involving the students

After credits: Two. And both are a bombshell than the entire movie combined

Verdict: A fun movie to end Marvel phase 3 of movies. Where is goes from
 Here nobody knows but it’s going to be a fun ride

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dead Cells

Finally after 82 days... I finished a game

Game no: 328
Genre: Action
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 2017

What is it about?
From what I gather we are a bodyless entity that needs a body in order to escape their torment of continuously dying over and over again

What I liked?
- No two runs are the same and the stages are randomly generated. Each successful run determine on what weapon load out is equipped
- The pixel art animation is crisp and detailed... each killing animation looks perfect
- There are a lot of weapons to choose form each with its advantages and disadvantages. My favourite weapons are the lightning and ice blast..
- The bosses are awesome. We just need to remember their moveset
- Each weapons comes with customisable buffs

What I didn’t liked?
- The constant dying. Just when you got a rhythm of a run and then you are done.
- The cells drop is too low... you need to play like 100 times to get all the unlocks
- Some weapons are completely useless... well useless to me

Status: Finish a round of the game

Fun Factor: Worth to be played... this is a solid action game that rewards you for being good at it. This game will be a permanent fixture of the switch.

Friday, June 28, 2019

How to blog when you’re not sad

It’s not I’m having writers block or anything. Lately I’m in a very good place in my life. I’m more happier and I smile more... I rarely think about the problems of hand and try my best to fix them if I can. I usually blog when I’m feeling lonely, depressed or sad... but when you are neither of that is kinda hard to get in a mood of blogging... whoever is reading this I want to say thank you for making my life more meaningful... you are breathtaking